Cambodian Well Project - Water for a Better Life

A Humanitarian Project Sponsored by the Iowa Chapter SCI


The “Water for a Better Life” project is sponsored by a private fundraising organization whose sole purpose is to construct hand pump fresh water wells for impoverished families and their children.  The project is currently in villages around the Siem Reap area of Cambodia, but will probably move to other areas of the country.  The families who get to use clean water have a minimal incidence of water related diseases.

Clean water is a precious commodity in Cambodia.  Most people dip their drinking, cooking and bathing water from polluted waterways.  These same waterways also serve as open sewer systems.  Up to one third of the children die from waterborne disease such as typhoid and chronic diarrhea.

In January of 2008, Diana and Glenn Vondra of the Iowa Chapter SCI traveled to Cambodia and came in contact with the “Water for a Better Life” program which provides clean water to impoverished families.  These photos shows one of the families that the Vondra well supports.

The Iowa Chapter SCI is becoming involved with the people of Cambodia and the “Water for a Better Life” project.  Your donations will provide clean water for the children of Cambodia and 100% of funds raised will go towards the construction of fresh water wells.  Each well costs $300 and consists of a hand pump and concrete platform with curb, and a sign identifying the Iowa Chapter as donor of the well.

Construction of the wells also provide much needed employment for the local people.  The program bypasses government bureaucracy so 100% of the funds go to well construction.

This project is not currently active

Cambodian Well Project