Iowa Chapter, Safari Club International


is a group of Iowans working to protect our and your right to hunt and to conserve wildlife – in Iowa, around the US and internationally.

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SCI and the Iowa Chapter are non-profit organizations that rely solely on dedicated volunteers, membership fees, fund raising events and charitable contributions to carry out the battle to protect the freedom to hunt.

Photo: A Jay Winter

Projects and Activities

Iowa Chapter, Safari Club International supports many projects and activities that educate and recruit hunters, support hunting as essential tool of wildlife conservation and promote a positive image of hunters. These include activities in schools, Iowa DNR facilities and outdoors related events. We actively participate in and support local and international projects that benefit animals, people and conservation.

Hunters Expo, Banquet and Live Auction

Our annual Hunters Expo, Banquet and Live Auction is held each year in late March or early April. It is open to all. Funds raised at the event are used to support conservation, the right to hunt and participate in other outdoor activities, youth education events, and other programs. It is your chance to meet manufacturers, outfitters, artists, and those who are leading the fight to keep our heritage alive. Best of all, you will meet and talk with fellow sportsmen and sportswomen.

Safari Club International

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. These primary missions are supported throughout the organization.

Advocacy: protecting the freedom to hunt through policy advocacy, litigation, and education.
Connect: a network of over 55,000 members, like-minded individuals all over the world working to make a difference.
Educate: E-Newsletters and publications keep you up to date on events and board actions.
Represent: shaping and promoting the image of the hunter through words and actions.